Conscious Control

As has been mentioned in the section what happens when I am hypnotised? Hypnosis is a natural state which everyone has the ability to enter.


There are exceptions such as people using drugs (on drugs) and also aspects of mental illness, which prevent people entering the hypnotic state. The potential though exists for everyone.

One aspect which is not mentioned very often in Hypnotherapy is that people who are unable to relinquish conscious control also have great difficulty entering hypnosis. Another easier way to describe handing over control is being able to consciously relax whereby the conscious mind is not critiqing every single incoming message. There is a well know saying the more the conscious resistance the less the subconscious response. 

If a person is not able to mentally relax or switch off and go in to just the state of hypnosis then any hypnotherapy or therapeutic work will be greatly diminished. As a hypnotherapist, I place great importance on a person learning to mentally relax first and allow themselves to get in to and experience the natural state of hypnosis first before any therapy takes place, by doing so this greatly increases their receptivity to the treatment and prospects of success.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Can you relax – sit in the garden or lie on the beach and switch off / day dream?

  2. Are you very tidy (spoons / forks)?

  3. How are you with alcohol (either love it or hate getting drunk)?

  4. How are you with anaesthetic (love or hate)?

  5. Do you challenge everything said to you?

Another way to look at this is fear of losing or letting go of control "If I let go of or lose control something bad might happen" consider the acrophobic (fear of heights) gripping on for dear life, as long as they grip on for dear life they cannot be helped and in actual fact will prolong their agony, but in the acrophobic mind gripping on for dear life or not letting go is the best solution to them. So, it's about learning to relax, trust and hand over. As human beings, we don't individually have all the answers or solutions to our problems. Simplistically it is about mental tension and the ability to relax.

If a person is in control then they can surrender control. If they cannot surrender control then they are not in control in the first place, because if they had it they can surrender it. They could lie on a beach or in the garden and relax, they could allow mess now and again etc. 


Whether you find it hard to relax or not in the first session you will be given powerful tools to help prepare you for the hypnotherapy work which itself is easy when the mind is free from resistance, open and receptive.


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