Conscious Mind

  • In hypnosis and self-hypnosis, one of the primary goals is to set aside the conscious mind’s control, allowing it to be in a state of passive observation.


  • “The function of the conscious mind is to evaluate and compare each new idea with previously accepted ideas and in this manner determine its veracity before allowing it to enter the subconscious memory bank.”


  • “The conscious mind is also known as the critical factor, which before the age of 10 is underdeveloped. This means our uncritical minds are programmed by misinterpretations, chance events and the opinions & behaviour of those around us. Before we have the chance to reason and evaluate effectively we are programmed by our environments and those around us.”


 (Source: Tebbetts, C., 1987. Self Hypnosis and other Mind-Expanding Techniques. CA. Westwood.)