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Everyone has Anxiety at some point in their lives. In today's world it can be hard to disconnect from the news, technology, work, paying the bills, family life and relationships. As humans were are not designed to be plugged in like this.

  • Do you have anxiety, fear or dread?

  • Do you worry too much?

  • Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?

  • Have you lost your appetite or are comfort eating?

  • Are you unable to relax?

What is in the programme?

'Freedom from Anxiety' is a comprehensive 28 day Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme. Getting to the root cause of your anxiety and fear will help you relax, find peace of mind and let go of negative thought patterns.

Freedom from Anxiey Logo.jpg

Why should you invest in the Freedom from Anxiety programme?

You can only heal what you remember and understand.

The programme is a mixture of hypnotherapy and coaching which will help relieve both the symptoms of Anxiety and get to the root cause of your problem quickly and subsequently release the emotional energy tied up by helping you understand what is causing you to feel Anxiety today.

Generally speaking, past events are not the problem, but our interpretation of those events and the belief systems and feelings which form as a result. By going back, remembering and understanding the root cause of a problem, you can then begin to change the meaning and interpretation of past memories often locked away in the subconscious mind and reprogram your mind to think and feel differently going forwards.

Most talk based therapies do not get to the underlying cause of a problem. Often this cause is not consciously evident or available to the critical evaluating mind. So each session a person talks about the symptoms of anxiety and how to relieve those symptoms, in the same way lifting the lid off a bubbling saucepan to let off steam. Talk therapy can be cathartic but often it does not resolve the underlying belief system and the attached emotions.

Through the use of hypnotherapy and creative visualisation we can create a positive present by re-creating the past. Our present experiences are influenced by past memories contained in our subconscious mind. When we change the emotional remembrance of these events, we also change our current attitudes, beliefs and motivations toward our present reality.

  • The program will help ground you in the present by showing you what is good in your life and help you connect to that which in turn will make you feel better.

  • The programme will help you with your visualisation, creating thoughts and images of what you want, not what you don’t want.

  • The programme will take you back to what is causing the Anxiety today and change your remembrance and understanding so that you can drop the weight and burden off your shoulders and find peace and happiness in your life.

  • The programme will provide you with tools to help you physically relax and to release tension and adrenalin.

  • The programme will provide you with a daily framework and checklist to help keep you on track, which you can tick off day by day and find Freedom from Anxiety. I did it, so can you!