Rules of the Mind:


Collaborate with your mind, form a partnership with you mind:



  1. Always does what it thinks you really want it to do:


  • Praise yourself – make this familiar. Tell your mind what you want, use very specific words.

  • Your mind does not care what you tell it, but it will respond accordingly – it just lets it all in – it believes everything you tell it:​


  • Good or Bad

  • Healthy or Unhealthy

  • Happy or Unhappy

  • Negative or Positive

  • Useless or Incredible

  • Amazing memory or memory like a sieve

  • I cannot cope or I have extraordinary coping skills

  • Right or Wrong


   2. Tries to move you away from pain towards pleasure:     


  • Your mind's job is to come up with resistance for anything you hate   

  • We survive on the planet by avoiding pain, so it keeps you alive by avoiding pain (it only knows what causes you pain by what you tell it)

  • If you link pain to something your mind will give it up really quickly

  • You can choose what to link pain and pleasure to

  • Link pleasure to what you are doing - Not pain

   3. Only responds to pictures and words in your head:


  • The way you feel about everything comes down to the words you say to yourself and the pictures you make in your head. When you make the words good and the pictures good then it changes your life

  • What you see you in your mind happens

   4. Really likes to stay in what is familiar:


  • The mind loves what is familiar and does not like what is unfamiliar

  • Praise yourself – make this familiar

  • Make what is negative and familiar – unfamiliar

  • Make what is positive and unfamiliar – familiar


Rules of the Mind by Marisa Peer