Hypnotherapy is a fast results therapy, whose main goal is in returning someone’s power back to them.


It works for absolutely everwhere you want change in your life, whether it be to overcome certain fears, phobias and anxieties through to public speaking and sports performance as well as addictions such as drinking, smoking and overeating. The list is endless.

As opposed to some of the more traditional talk based therapies which can take a long time in uncovering and resolving core problems. Hypnotherapy gets to the root causes fast and subsequently releases the energy tied up by helping a person understand what causes them to feel how they feel today.

Through regression in a state of hypnosis a person is able to recall memories, people, places and events that are often forgotten or not retrievable consciously. These sensitising events which often underpin a present day problem area can then be remembered, analysed and resolved. Following resolution the Hypnotherapist introduces new words, ideas and concepts to a client both in session and through a recording given at the end of a session to be listened to for around 21 days which helps to create and manifest the change a person is looking for and subsequently transforms the old fixed ideas and negative thinking patterns to positive one's.

  • Hypnotherapy is about changing perceptions from negative perceptions to positive perceptions.

  • Is a mystical (non-scientific) art based on a foundation of spiritual philosophy. It is the client’s needs, beliefs and general welfare. which define the character of the therapy.       

  • Short term result orientated therapy.

  • A form of therapy combining trance induction of hypnosis with individualised techniques of counselling secured by each hypnotherapist uniquely.

  • Every hypnotherapist has specialised tools, techniques and background specifically directed to the counselling field.

  • Hypnotherapy encompasses a holistic approach to health and healing and the total persons well being.

  • Hypnotherapy is a rapid intervention system, which reshapes the client’s feelings of competence and capability.

  • Within the sessions of hypnotherapy, one may discover hidden memories, latent creativity, new insights, feelings of competence, release of fears or touch a deep emotion.​

  • In hypnotherapy one can come to the realisation that we are responsible for our own realities and can choose to change or re-create our perceptions and beliefs to create a reality by choice, not mere acceptance of what we believe we must accept.

  • Through the use of hypnotherapy and creative visualisation we can create a positive present by re-creating the past. Our present experiences are influenced by past memories contained in our subconscious mind. When we change the emotional remembrance of these events, we also change our current attitudes, beliefs and motivations toward our present reality.

  • We can manifest a creative and successful present by re-programming the past stored in our subconscious minds. As a child we could not choose the belief structure or conditioning we received from our parents, peers and environment. As adults we can re-write our past scripts and the roles being played in the present.

  • Does not have to “get rid of” anything - rather transform and add to create wholeness.


(Source: HTI)