Hypnotherapy for Depression

A major cause of Depression is by the harsh, hurtful, critical words we say to ourselves on a daily basis:


  • "I am rubbish at this, or terrible at that, or I am useless"

  • Not following hearts desire

  • What I want is not available to me - past / present / future?


  • Believe no solution or different outcome exists

  • Do not deserve to be helped – not good enough

  • Solution or different outcome not available

Hypnotherapy can help transform the negative critical messages to positive ones and to help you re-discover your life's purpose. It does this by exciting the imagination. Find something that interests you, that you believe in and believe is available to you now or in the future even if it is a pipe dream. All you need is the prospect. 

Imagination is the most important part of hypnotherapy as this creates feelings of desire and energy to effect change. Change the way you think and feel about something, you then change your behaviour which in turn will give you a different experience and feedback loop.

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