Hypnotherapy for Phobias 

"Fear of flying, fear of needles, fear of the dentist, fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of crowds, fear of water, fear of birds, fear of spiders, fear of insects, fear of driving, fear of fear"

How can Hypnotherapy Help with Phobias?


When it comes to treating a Phobia, Hypnotherapy is one of the best therapies available. Hypnotherapy gets to the root causes fast and subsequently releases the energy tied up by helping a person understand what causes them to feel how they feel today.

Through regression in a state of hypnosis a person is able to recall memories, people, places and events that are often forgotten or not retrievable consciously. These sensitising events which often underpin a present day problem area can then be remembered, analysed and resolved (note when choosing a hypnotherapist it is fundamental they do regression work to get to the root cause).

Following resolution the Hypnotherapist introduces new words, ideas and concepts to a client both in session and through a recording given at the end of a session to be listened to for around 21 days which helps to create and manifest the change a person is looking for and subsequently transforms the old fixed ideas and negative thinking patterns to positive one's.



Phobias often develop in childhood but can also develop later in life, due to stress and anxiety.


Phobias are also panic attacks with one main difference, the likely precipitating factors are known by the person and are carefully avoided because of the severe anxiety response that contact with these factors will produce.


In the phobias, the acute anxiety is likely to subside rapidly, when the individual is no longer exposed to the precipitating factor. Nevertheless, in practice, the phobia sufferer also experiences varying degrees of anxiety in non-phobic situations. But it is less crippling in those circumstances.


The phobic situation, for these people, is simply one in which the unconsciously perceived danger is most clearly and overwhelmingly experienced; but elements of that danger are sensed at other times when the lesser degrees of anxiety are in evidence.

Depending on the Phobia, a client will typically need between 2-3 sessions.

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