Hypnotherapy for Sport Performance 

How many times have you seen someone winning a match only to lose it at the twelfth hour for no explainable reason? The same can be said for someone losing who has a miraculous turn around. In both instances the players feelings and creative minds are at work, one negative and one positive.

A person can practice a move or technique thousands of times and when it comes to demonstrating their skills, their thoughts & emotions can sabotage all the hard work. 

Perfecting and honing skills through repetition is only part of the picture. We also have to have our thoughts, feelings and mental imagery working together for us as opposed to against us.

In hypnotherapy we achieve this by helping the part of our mind, which uses our imagination to work for us as opposed to against us. This will directly counter the fears and anxieties, which arise, either perceived or real enabling us to stay focused and centered on our goals and objectives.

As a hypnotherapist and coach, I help people with their personal growth and to maximise their potential. Whether you are training for a competition / match / race or undertaking a personal challenge I can help you achieve your goals in as little as two sessions or the more comprehensive Sport Hypnotherapy & Coaching package in 3o days.


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