Do you feel stuck? Cannot see the wood for the trees? Lack Direction? Need clarity?

If your answers to these questions is yes then Coaching can help. 


How does it work?


Hypnotherapy & Coaching is a unique dual process which helps with clearing issues and emotional blocks from the past affecting you today through hypnotherapy regression and setting a positive vision for the future depending on your goals through self hypnosis and coaching. This is particularly useful for life direction, career blocks and business. It could also be creating a structure to implement desired change in your existing work.  This includes a combination of hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and coaching. A house built on sand falls down. As subconscious beliefs override conscious ones, as human beings we tend to end up making the same mistakes or go through the same repetitive patterns of behaviour. No matter a person's vision and aspirations if their inner beliefs are working against them the end result is unlikely to manifest. Make the change today.


Through regression in a state of hypnosis a person is able to recall memories, people, places and events that are often forgotten or not retrievable consciously. These sensitising events which often underpin a present day problem area can then be remembered, analysed and resolved.


Subconscious Mind – subconscious beliefs and desires overriding and sabotaging the conscious one's.



Coaching is about moving forwards in the present and creating a positive future. Creating a present desire for change and moving towards a future goal. It is about sustained momentum forward keeping a person on track by providing individualised tools, clarity, structure and support. Helping a person discover their own unique talents and inner resources to effect change and stay on track.


Conscious Mind – Active critical thinking mind (conscious beliefs and desire)



30 day, 2 month and bespoke packages are available. The structure of each program varies depending on what needs to resolved, and reflecting an individual's personal circumstances, aspirations and goals. 


Real and positive change is natural, holistic and organic not forced or set in stone.

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