Why Self-Hypnosis?


Self-Hypnosis training can be incorporated in to a standard hypnotherapy session. If you are interested in working on yourself, this a great way to develop your understanding, increase your hypnosis ability and generally better your life. There are different degrees of training available from basic to advanced. This ranges from simple Hypnotic induction, which assists and promotes relaxation (great for stress and insomnia) to doing your own programming.

Sessions will run through the self-hypnosis principles you need to be aware of and apply including: induction methods, deepening techniques and awakening procedures - how to write, edit and record Autosuggestions. After a few sessions, you will be in a position to create your first self-hypnosis script.

Everything the hypnotherapist helps you with you can learn to do for yourself. Whilst many people seek help through a hypnotherapist some people prefer to learn to self-heal or a combination of both. For some clients who find it difficult to relax and or let go of control I teach self-hypnosis. For more on "control" click here.

In following paragraphs, I detail the benefits of learning self-hypnosis:


Mind / Body Balance – “Homeostasis”:

We are all born with a self-corrective towards health. Ill health occurs when the mind / body balance is disturbed or upset. Another term for mind / body balance is homeostasis.

As humans, we self-regulate to achieve homeostasis: mind / body balance – so after injury or stress the body returns to normal functioning after healing has occurred. Most of the time physical and emotional healing takes place without us consciously being aware. We accept it as a passage of time.


If a symptom does not correct itself then there is a mind / body imbalance – misallocation of energy. Psychological and many physical problems are results of unresolved thought-emotion complexes which upset the homeostatic balance by misallocation of energy – this can lead to illness.

How you think and what you feel will influence your physical health as the mind and body are connected, take stress / anxiety and the fight or flight response as an example. Your physical health will in contrast, affect how you think and feel.

Physical Symptoms:

Control over the autonomic functions of the body – “Autonomic Nervous system” (controlled by automatic responses / without thought)

These functions are carried out in your subconscious mind / limbic brain – however you can control them:

  • Control blood pressure

  • Control organ function

  • Control and enhance the healing process by controlling blood flow and bleeding.

  • Proper and correct allocation of energy (as opposed to misplaced energy consumption on symptoms or negative thought patterns) – it prevents other areas getting it

  • Break up energy blocks and re-route or allocate that energy

  • Pain management

Relaxation – both physical and mental relaxation:

Learning to relax through self-hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools we learn as this alone has a profound effect on our state of mind and physical health. An example of the benefits are through relaxation we can regulate blood pressure and re-engage the parasympathetic nervous system:

  • Brain wave patterns change to Alpha range

  • Discharge tension

  • Reduces muscular tension and symptoms caused by tension


Mental Symptoms - The Mind:

Self-Programming: increased ability and desire to change old or limiting belief patterns / fixed ideas towards health and happiness:

  • Self-programming gives you the desire to make the changes that you want at a conscious level by programming your subconscious mind (the seat of your emotions) – subconscious desires are always stronger than conscious ones.

  • We need three things to make the necessary changes:

    • Believe in your own power (you are doing this by learning self-hypnosis)

    • Practice the exercises with confidence that you are capable of altering your lifestyle, habits and malfunctions (negative fixed ideas)

    • Practice Daily

  • The bottom line is we all say things such as “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fit” – self-hypnosis will actually help you produce the change or desired outcome – not just talk about it. Simply because if subconscious desires override conscious ones then we need to change or strengthen the subconscious desire (seat of the emotions) to bring about that change. We do this by repetitive programming using chains of closely related positive ideas.

Read "The Four Stages of Programming” to further ingrain these concepts.

Increased personal awareness:

Increased Awareness - in self-hypnosis you will become aware of the following:

  • Become aware of the physical and mental causes, which result in and manifest as mental / physical ill-health, disease.

  • A mental cause could be not feeling enough, being rejected, what I want is not available to me or I don't fit in.

  • A physical cause could be smoking or taking medication

  • A mental symptom could be anxiety, depression, stress, phobias.

  • A physical symptom could be IBS, ulcers or headaches.

  • Most physical symptoms have a mental origin (cause)


When you allow your mind and body to relax (hypnosis / selective awareness), you allow yourself to see the influences / reasons & causes of physical and emotional symptoms residing in the subconscious mind. As you block out all unnecessary external stimuli you then have selective sensitivity to stimuli perceived by the five senses - internally. You are giving yourself a chance to see what is going on. Emotional energy is directed one way or another either to health or illness. You have a choice about it.