Session Structure:

When choosing a hypnotherapist it is very important to ask if they do regression work which I do and if you research the market you will notice many price differentials, this is often due to the level of depth and detail between the treatments being offered. Many hypnotherapists only provide a recording to listen to which does not resolve the root cause of the problem, yes it can effect change but often not at the level many require or want. Effective hypnotherapy treatment should therefore include regression work. An effective treatment should cover the following:

Through regression in a state of hypnosis a person is able to recall memories, people, places and events that are often forgotten or not retrievable consciously. These sensitising events which often underpin a present day problem area can then be remembered, analysed and resolved. Following resolution the Hypnotherapist introduces new words, ideas and concepts to a client both in session and through a recording given at the end of a session to be listened to for around 21 days which helps to create and manifest the change a person is looking for and subsequently transforms the old fixed ideas and negative thinking patterns to positive one's.


The hypnotherapy treatment works over 2 sessions.


Session 1:


  • Initial consultation

  • Preparation for hypnotherapy


The first session is approximately 1.5 hrs and starting with the initial consultation followed by the preparation for hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy session will also help you experience and understand hypnosis and prepare you for the therapy, this will also help with any blocks or mental resistance. After the session, I will send you a recording to listen to each day for 7 - 10 days.


Session 2:


Now that you are familiar with hypnosis and relaxation the second session will look in to the issue itself through regression and will be approximately 1.5 – 2hrs. After the second session, I will send you a second recording to listen to for 21 days working on resolving the issue and bringing about the changes you want.


Further sessions:


Some clients require a third session but not always. For clients with several or very difficult issues extra coaching sessions and self-hypnosis training might additionally be required.


For hypnotherapy to work best a person needs to be mentally relaxed, open and receptive hence why preparing the mind is equally if not more important than the therapy work itself. See section on conscious control.


If there is more than one issue to be addressed the most predominant or underlying issue will be addressed. Often this will resolve other lesser issues, however sometimes further areas need to be worked on.

The sessions can be in person or by skype as required.




I also offer Coaching to help with clearing issues from the past affecting you today and setting a positive vision for the future depending on your goals. This is particularly useful for life direction, career blocks and business. This includes a combination of hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and coaching. Contact to discuss the different packages available.