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First thing to understand about Anxiety is, you don't treat "Anxiety", you treat what is causing the Anxiety. This can be one or several underlying thought / emotion complexes.

Anxiety and associated feelings are the symptom. As well as the feelings, physiological changes can occur in the body; simplistically speaking in terms of adrenalin release and fight or flight, whether slow continual release or an adrenalin dump. The mind and body are a connected unit.

We can treat symptoms very well through breathing exercises and relaxation recordings (see store). These must be done every day. For the breathing, the easiest way is to lie down put a timer of 10 minutes on your phone. Put your hand on your stomach, breath in slowly (normally with a count between 5 - 10, note everyone is different and as you develop the count will get longer) main thing is slow and relax. As you breathe in expand your stomach - gently push your stomach out as you breath (you will feel your hand rise up on your stomach) then just as you feel a tiny amount of tension in the stomach muscles on expansion then breath out slowly for a count between (5 to 10).

After each inhale count / exhale count, you can hold your breath for a couple of seconds. The key is slow breathes in and out and push the stomach out gently. This method of deep breathing in to the stomach has a fantastic compound affect when done for 3 or more weeks each day, as it calms the nervous system and really takes the edge of life's stresses naturally. As noted this is a compound affect and needs to be done daily over a period of weeks. You will really see the benefits of engaging the parasympathetic nervous system.

Do this along with a daily relaxation recording and you will notice really positive changes in your life, reducing stress and anxiety, better sleep, more energy, regulating blood pressure etc. Depending on the severity of the anxiety and stress you might also require a personalised hypnotherapy session to help transform the underlying core issues. Get in touch for a free consultation