What happens when I am Hypnotised?

  1. An extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation.​

  2. An emotionalised desire to satisfy the suggested behaviour; the subject feels like following the hypnotists instructions, directions and suggestions, except those that generate conflict with the subjects values, i.e., character attitudes, religious beliefs and moral principles.

  3. The organism becomes self-regulating as the trance produces normalisation of the central nervous system.

  4. Heightened and selective sensitivity to stimuli perceived by the five physical senses and the basic perceptions.

  5. Immediate softening of psychic defenses.

  6. Lack of response to irrelevant, external stimuli.


  • There is a lot a misconception as a result of TV and stage hypnosis that a person  relinquishes all control to the therapist and they become a puppet on a string, “Look in to my eyes! etc. This could not be further from the truth. There is no “under” in Hypnotherapy as in “Under my spell”. There is only in to, so the Hypnotherapist assists you getting in to a state of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state available to everyone.


  • See yourself in that state just before you are about to go to sleep. You are deeply relaxed yet still aware. Outside stimuli (sounds and distractions) become irrelevant as you focus on your internal state awaiting sleep.


  • What takes place is that the thinking mind (what’s running through your head / analytical part) relaxes and becomes dormant. It does not mean it has gone away, it’s simply a passive observer. Like sitting on the sidelines watching a match as opposed to playing.


  • There are different levels of awareness and relaxation from eyes wide open to you being asleep. The same can be said for the hypnotic trance, with light, medium and deep levels of trance available.


  • Hypnosis is a natural state which everyone has the ability to enter. There are exceptions such as people using drugs (on drugs) and also aspects of mental illness, which prevent people entering the hypnotic state. The potential though exists for everyone.


  • In a state of Hypnosis, as a person’s focus internalises, their five physical senses then become much more targeted to their inner world (feelings & imagination) and the outside world becomes irrelevant.

  • The key is they are still aware! And not “unconscious”.

  • One of the key points is that a person will not take on any information / ideas which they do not agree with. It is not possible to brain wash ideas, which go against what they believe or want through Hypnotherapy.

(Source: HTI)