Why choose Hypnotherapy over other forms of Therapy?

  • Other therapies include Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Psychology.  These therapies can be described as talk therapy. The problem with talk therapy is the undefined time spent in therapy often covering weeks, months and sometimes years. There is no guarantee a person will unravel the core issues affecting them, particularly where they are forgotten and suppressed at an earlier point in their lives.


  • Hypnotherapy is a short term fasts results therapy, which works at getting to the core underlying feelings and issues straight away, like an express train right to the problem. There are no tissues, just resolution.


  • Freud (1856 -1939) actually trained as a hypnotherapist initially with Jean-Martin Charcot (1825-1893); both Charcot and Freud were Neurologists. There is an argument Freud rejected hypnotherapy as he was not very good at it. Had he continued it is possible therapy practice today would be very different. By that his influence on modern mental therapy practice.

  • A therapy which focuses on what people do and how they do it, without imposing a set of limiting assumptions and theoretical constructs between the therapists perception and the clients inner world. The therapist teaches his / her client to alter their perceptions which motivates them to use their inner capabilities to cope creatively with the realistic demands of their lives.